How to fix WAV playback too fast or wrong in Cubase, and how to change Sample Rate in Windows 10 for Microbook?


windows 10:

  1. Right click on the SOUND icon in taskbar on Windows 10 > Open sound settings
  2. In the new Window/Dialog (A), select the correct devices for both OUTPUT and also INPUT.
  3. Select DEVICE PROPERTIES for your OUTPUT device.
  4. Select ADVANCED in the new popup Window/Dialog (B).
  5. Choose the CORRECT sample rate i.e. 48000 Hz

The INPUT or RECORDING devices selected in the previous window (A), affects which sample rates are listed in window B.




When importing and playing back WAV previews in Cubase, they sound like chipmunk music. Too fast.



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Cubase prevent sample rate change when working Windows Sounds

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Which stage to create a restore backup for Windows for a Music DAW setup? Symlink to save space or decide what files to bring out or stay home

Right now, important to be problem-free, virus free.

So we install ALL drivers, ALL Cubase and default softwares ONLY – maschine, remote sl… skip komplete and opther stuffs

For the non-defaults, i.e. trillian,stylus etc,  try to install them and ALL plugins to another directory outside of SYSTEM directory, By system we mean C:\program files , anywhere that will be backed up and restored. A good location would be ANOTHER DRIVE \ Musicdata\ Vstplugins

+ automap, remote SL

+ maschine


Remember to point Cubase to use the right VST folder in MUSICDATA, to scan in Plugin Manager.




Configure power energy settings for your OS.



Finally use Macrium Reflect on Windows 10:


– VSS failure image backup ? : http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread.php/172081-Best-of-breed-Win10-s-hybrid-backup-system?p=1026251&viewfull=1#post1026251

  • Use Windows 7 on Macbook pro to do it.


MUSICDATA folder of plugins and samples can be symbolic linked to an external drive and behave like it’s LOCAL to cubase, maschine and other softwares:



  • Copy MUSICDATA from local to external drive i.e. J:\
    – Pick J:\MUSICDATA as ‘PICK LINK SOURCE’ on right click menu in File Explorer
    – Then on local C:\ (lacie) drop as ‘SYMBOLIC LINK’
    – that’s it!
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How to set up TouchOSC and Motu Microbook II Cuemix for your iPad?

  1. Download the Microbook II driver installer.
  2. After installing the drivers, you will have the Cuemix software, read the CueMix FX TouchOSC for iPad  in the ‘TouchOSC layouts’ inside the installer zip , it provides full instructions on syncing & set up.
  3. Download touchosc editor – http://hexler.net/software/touchosc  (scroll down to downloads section) (I’ve installed it C:\MUSICDATA\OTHERAPPS\TOUCHOSC) – available for mac, windows and linux.
    1. This program requires both 32-bit and 64-bit Java Runtime (JRE) for Windows.
    2. So visit java.com and download 32-bit runtime automatically.
    3. Then head to http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp to manually install Windows Offline 64-bit version,If you run the program without JRE, you get: “No JVM could be found on your system. Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JRE or download a JRE from www.java.com”
  4. Continue reading and following the steps in Step 2 to finish the connecting
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