Which stage to create a restore backup for Windows for a Music DAW setup? Symlink to save space or decide what files to bring out or stay home

Right now, important to be problem-free, virus free.

So we install ALL drivers, ALL Cubase and default softwares ONLY – maschine, remote sl… skip komplete and opther stuffs

For the non-defaults, i.e. trillian,stylus etc,  try to install them and ALL plugins to another directory outside of SYSTEM directory, By system we mean C:\program files , anywhere that will be backed up and restored. A good location would be ANOTHER DRIVE \ Musicdata\ Vstplugins

+ automap, remote SL

+ maschine


Remember to point Cubase to use the right VST folder in MUSICDATA, to scan in Plugin Manager.




Configure power energy settings for your OS.



Finally use Macrium Reflect on Windows 10:


– VSS failure image backup ? : http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread.php/172081-Best-of-breed-Win10-s-hybrid-backup-system?p=1026251&viewfull=1#post1026251

  • Use Windows 7 on Macbook pro to do it.


MUSICDATA folder of plugins and samples can be symbolic linked to an external drive and behave like it’s LOCAL to cubase, maschine and other softwares:



  • Copy MUSICDATA from local to external drive i.e. J:\
    – Pick J:\MUSICDATA as ‘PICK LINK SOURCE’ on right click menu in File Explorer
    – Then on local C:\ (lacie) drop as ‘SYMBOLIC LINK’
    – that’s it!
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Song: Pretty Old Song

The new piece is a 6/8, and unlike the other 3/4 6/8 songs, this time I change the time signature in Cubase to 6/8 , as I am using Addictive Drums for drum ideas, and it seems to read 6/8 Midi better than 4/4 , which means when I play my piano on the 6/8 program, it fits into place properly. Chords start at the start of bars when using 6/8 , but when using 4/4, chords can appear on the 3rd or 2nd beat, not very ideal if I’m going to start building the track. So I chose 6/8 to build the track nicely as I am starting from scratch.

When time signature is 6/8, no need to use TRIPLET during quantize.. Only during 4/4 signature then you use TRIPLET for such signatures.

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VST: FX Teleport

If there are problems seeing the server, sometimes you need to restart FX Teleport server on the remote machine. And then also click on the ‘Options/Tools’ icon. use ‘ping <ip> -t’ on both computers to estabish a connection.


If it’s a Parallels Machine, make sure it has its own IP address by using a Bridged network instead of Shared.


Give it a static IP.

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Song: 我想了很久


  • vocal
  • melody
  • touching
  • lyrics
  • style
  • music


vocal editing priorities:

  • feeling
  • diction
  • style/skill (end of slice pick)
  • volume (adjust – sounds soothing to ear, mix well into music)
  • vari length pitch (crossfade sources, bounce and do)



With the above in mind, let’s do this piece.


Let’s try to do this one really fast.

Started 1:29pm 28th May 2013.

  1. Get song tempo. Should be 61.
  2. Starting song at bar 10, cos on average that should be a good enough for space intro.
  3. After a 5 minutes of thinking, song should be: verse intro, verse, chorus, solo, chorus, verse ending. And sort of free play at certain parts.
  4. Finish 1st verse and chorus piano skeleton.
  5. Decided to move the whole chunk to bar 15 instead.. imagined a longer intro.
  6. Added violin and cello, to solo the intro, don’t really like it.
  7. Added guitar strum, nice. Added guitar pluck in verse, nice too.

Ok I totally missed my mark, rested nearly 2 weeks of meetings.

So I continued and and finally reached stage 2.

stage 2:

  1. Added dramatic Hit, explosive boom, and Snare which is basically filtered white noise.
  2. And then cinematic sounds for hihat replacements.
  3. Finally some standard drum sounds from Groove Agent!
  4. That’s it a short stage 2 so I can move onto the dramatic SOLO!


stage 3:

  1. The solo! Very beautiful mix of orchestra, electro, and Addictive Drums, custom drums, saved as preset both in Song Folder, and in MusicData on Storeroom. Always save in 2 places!



Oh no, it’s 6th July! 1 month.

Anyway, discovered a new sound in Omnisphere – Rumble Impact Vertigo – by turning on just Ancients, it can sound like spaceship landing.

I’m currently at Stage 7, adding pads and fx into the track. Headed to Omni, and selected Genre > Ambient. Then browsed through EACH instrument and run through chordworks, and see which fx fits.


another nice fx: time travel

Life on the Barrier Reef – use only Chaotic Glock


omni – ode to mr newman arp – ebowed piano pure only – sounds very interesting when tempo changes.


since this is a fully self made arrangement, during mixing, just deal with volumes with references, not sound by sound or instrument by instrument, general volumes.

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