How to fix WAV playback too fast or wrong in Cubase, and how to change Sample Rate in Windows 10 for Microbook?


windows 10:

  1. Right click on the SOUND icon in taskbar on Windows 10 > Open sound settings
  2. In the new Window/Dialog (A), select the correct devices for both OUTPUT and also INPUT.
  3. Select DEVICE PROPERTIES for your OUTPUT device.
  4. Select ADVANCED in the new popup Window/Dialog (B).
  5. Choose the CORRECT sample rate i.e. 48000 Hz

The INPUT or RECORDING devices selected in the previous window (A), affects which sample rates are listed in window B.




When importing and playing back WAV previews in Cubase, they sound like chipmunk music. Too fast.



See also:

Cubase prevent sample rate change when working Windows Sounds

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Song: Bo Liu

Time signature: 12/8

Bpm: 78


stage 1:

skeleton and my ideas


stage 2:
references and beats

Home Vid

using kontakt cymbal roll instrument – saves time and sounds better with lots of choices. mod wheel + 1 or 2 keys held down.

DONE find the exit


complete skeleton, and beats and bass
nexus – dr fx 6 – heartbeat
今夜還吹著風 想起你好溫柔
也不是無影蹤 只是想你太濃

26 years ago

references + reprise bridge + drop






nice intro piano:
nexus piano arena ambience
nexus plucked pl matrix pike
nexus plucked pl uk pikes 1
nexus plucked pl trimorph (lp) – now
nexus piano soft and tiny
nexus plucked pl creamalogue
nexus piano pop keys
nexus piano synthetic piano

DONE add strings in chorus
DONE add guitar in end chorus bridge

stage 1:
skeleton and my style


stage 2:
references and beats

Home Vid

DONE find the exit


complete skeleton, and beats and bass
nexus – dr fx 6 – heartbeat
今夜還吹著風 想起你好溫柔
也不是無影蹤 只是想你太濃

26 years ago

reprise bridge + drop

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ORXGsX2GZA 5 min: add waves oneknob and do the frequency cutr for piano

bar 19 – wind rise

rising sweep – omnisphere – unwind sweep , turn off layer A.



20170810 stage 6:

do vocals!!

find vocal effects? the HEY in dua lipa

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Song: 至少我還有你

Rough Stage 1:

  • Base line in piano
  • Piano verse and chorus
  • Skip guitar in verse .. to keep music suspense


Rough Stage 2:

  • Build percussion
  • Bouncing to rough_stage2_bounce
  • Unload to rough_stage2_unload


Stage 3

  • Continue building percussions
  • Bounce to rough_stage3_bounce


Stage 4

  • Complete C part and short skeleton
  • Completed short skeleton
  • Added bass
  • Added Chorus E guitar, played with acc guitar, added amp3 to sound electronic, had to do a pitch shift +12 semitones to get that sound
    • Played 2 different styles, 1 time random mutes
    • The other time a flying every click 1/8 play.
  • Need a pad!
    • found 8 pads
  • Discovered discovery Omni: Type, Epic Synths , Flaming Supersaws, Loud Raving Lunatic are great dance synths
  • Discovered discovery dream searching soft (high, modwheel )  bery nice to play on piano.
  • Bouncing to rough_stage4_bounce
    • As we have many pads.
    • CONTINUE AT shining voices (mid, high)


Stage 5:

  • Add snaps to bridge clap
  • Add vocal type pad, like ending of a the hymn song


Todo:slice a breakbeat loop

A lot of offbeat beats, and resources, so gotta continue building and bouncing percussions.

It’s ok for the beats to go slightly off during this stage, because later once confirmed, we will be creating an accurate instrument


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Song: Hero Color

Stage 2:

Building the percussions and FX.

Rise Rising Sweep 1:

  • Using Omni road runner, turned off Churchbells, and replaced A instrument with White noise, then automated cubase EQ sweep HP.
  • Some kick and snare (sidestick)
  • bounced to rough_stage2_bounce


Stage 3:

  • Building another set of kick and snare chorus use.
  • Building hi-speed hihat for R&B style repeats.
    •  Nexus > Arp > play with settings
    • Speed 1/64 or 1/64T
    • Adjust ‘gate’ for length of each repeats
    • And you can select the notes.
  • Sweeps: Omni Danish noiz and White avalanche hit
  • Downlifter Sweep Hit: Omni (Falling modular laser) replace sound with ‘Anguished Cries’ – can use any sound
  • Found a dark hit: Just a friendly reminder in Omni
  • Bounce
  • Unload



Stage 4:

  • Creating the instruments to use the above beats
  • Creating instrument also means we can perform live in the future!
  • Snare, Kick, sidestick, crash1, crash2, hihats, rises, uplifter, downlifter, hit


Stage 5:

  • Consider adding Hello cover effects and sounds.
  • Arrangement upgrade
  • sound effect list find: nexus – drum singles – dr fx 5 – underwater sonar c4
  • sound effect list find: nexus – drum singles – dr fx 6 – heartbeat, lightning, gunshot for cowboy song


Stage 6:

  • Upgrade main drums
  • Added
  • Done.
  • Bounce Addictive drums multi:
    • Turn on all channel outputs on Add Drums from Instruments window list.
    • Output every instrument on the ADD drums interface .. down arrow icon.
    • Bounce and select multiple channel export and select all of them, input PREtitle.


Stage 7:

  • Simple mix and noises


Stage 8 : vocals

  • Recorded, mixed, eqed.
  • recording CHINESE version later, use this project
  • Read and research: rihanna vocal mix  http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb07/articles/insidetrack_0207.htm
  • Used Monodelay FX channel, and Ronin Damage on the exported vocal track for our DELAY track



Stage 7: Add inspiration PADs? Panning instruments?



  • Front part, too many empty dead space .. need pad, white noise or  surrounding ambience.
  • Mix bring out high pass .. for all instruments except drums  and vocals a lil.


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