How to get VST / Midi instruments from old games?

That sounds like a good way to get a good quality rip of the music, but maybe you misunderstood what I meant.. or I didn’t explain it good enough. I don’t want to rip the music from the genesis games, I want the music’s individual instrument samples from its source. I want them so I could map them to a midi controller in a sequencer to make my own music/songs with the same sounds that the game has. I’m sure there are emulators of the soundcard from the genesis, but it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to re-create how each sample sounds. I guess this wouldn’t really be “ripping” then would it? More like looking for the code that tells the soundcard to do a specific modulation to one of the cards instruments.

Yes there is. If you have a VGM file, you can use VGM2OPM to get an OPM of the file, which you can import inside the VOPM VSTi.



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Song: 再見 Remix

Here we go, song BPM 80

Key: Em

Stage 1:

Bouncing all the different usable vocals.


Stage 2:

Creting new project, setting up new tempo to 128bpm.

Getting kick sound.

Now adding Massive chorus rift.

Playing with bass: Trillian Fender full range + slide down + slide up

Added white noise hit: omnisphere bandpass noise hit, eq highend.

3rd hit OOOM:

  1. Mod wheel a SINE (say tr arp 2600, with bend 20 – 20) , in Omni, can also have a buildup risiing sub sweep.


Added rides for more high frequency.

Stacked a Nexus > Texture > White noise > with HP cut.


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Song: The Darker Me JIDU

Try sidechaining for pump:



I still get jealous.

Stage 1:

Creating my own instrument set/pack for this song. Kontakt has a default behavior of -6db on new instrument load, so before creating, remember to AMP +6db volume for an instrument at Kontakt Tool > Amplifier section.

Creating my own snap sound, combing real snap from abin’s mic recording of my snaps, and merging with Nexus > XP SIngle Drums > DR percussions 9 mid c + 1oct. nice snap.

DR percussions 6 mid c + 2oct. nice snap.

Found a nice sound: nexus: xp drums singles – dr percussions 11 middle C area has a nice snap-like ambient sound that can be used in future music.

Sample kit only contains instruments that can be used, if its ambience and random stuffs, then it should not contain~~

The tambourine sound uses a Stylus tambourine + AudioDamage Dubstation > Basic 1/16 delay > Increased Regen. + Reverence Reverb (Austrian Concert Hall, increased Out and decreased Mix, increased Hi to 20000 and 6.0 gain) + EQ Hipass the whole output.

Sidesticks sound from Stylus.

– The perfect snare was obtained from the Jeric Vinyl Snare pack, combined 2 of them, and exported them as WAV files. Then I Supercharged them and EQed and manually automate volumes so they merge and fade nicely into each other, and I bounced it out. Before Supercharging and eqing again. Finally sampled into Jeric Darker Me kit.

– The perfect verse hat was created using stacked, Stylus + Superior drums hat (pitched shifted +4 semitones). (eqed).

The bounced wav was ‘Supercharged’ and ‘Rcompressed’ , Adjusting the ‘Attack’ and ‘Release’ values, to determine the ‘start’ and ‘end’ of compression respectively – for the desired length and pump of the sound. Stacked with another Stylus Tamborine sound.

– Jeric Reprise Snare is a stack of Jeric Snare + Jeric Vinyl Snare (eqed) + Jeric Vinyl Snare (eqed) to achieve a thick solid snare.

No bouncing since I built my kit.

Unloaded to rough_unload

Stage 2:

– Complete writing song melody.

– Work around the chorus, make it perfect, beats and arrangement , then work the rest of the song from there.

– Modify beats so it sounds more unique than any references.

– Modify key, chords and song structure as well

– Modify lyrics too

– Try extreme? extreme sexy or whatever

– Find a focus on the song, sweet? or read personal goals

– Design for or around Images and performances for the song

– What’s the point and focus of the song?

– Remember to find time to walk around for mouth arrangements and record them down, that’s where your ideas come from.

Stage 3:

– Attempt to record jeric language singing the song .. to get ideas and feeling, even arrangement materials.

– Added woodblock reverb new instrument into Jeric instrument pack. It is a percussion with EQ, Dubstation (delay), and Reverance Reverb eq.

  • Export the sound wav, and paste into Jeric Custom Sounds > Jeric Darker Me Samples.
  • Drag the wav into instrument editor in Kontakt.
  • Instrument should be 6.0 Volume at Instrument Edit Mode > Amplifier. (Kontakt automatically -6.0 for all instruments in settings..)
  • Remember to save, Kontakt > Files > Save as..

Finalize chorus vocals, perfect it and paste at right places.

Added a Nexus White noise effect to reprise.

Added phone dial tone effect to reprise.

Added tick tock noise for lyrics.

Recorded main vocals for the song.

Vocal edited ..

Bounced Superior drums here.

Decided to bounce vocals as well.

Bounced to rough_stage3_bounce.

Unload to rough_stage3_unloaded.

Stage 4:

Added Harp, and Piano Rifts, Celeste.

Added Nexus Matrix Bass + Custom LFO for the retro sound . 123 123. Saved into Cubase custom preset for XLFO tool .. called it Retro 123. Also saved to XLFO > Presets folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns\LFOTool Presets

Retro 123

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Song: Who fired first

stage 1:

First decided on tempo 128.

Next lay out the chords on piano, and wrote the melody.

Finally set the key of the song.

Strummed on guitar to achieve a gallop feel.

Earphones showed noise, so I X-noise it.

Added a pluck, Trying to achieve old cowboy guitar feel, so using Amp 3, OLD F and eq further.

After that stack with Virtual Electric guitar to enhance gallop effect with Muted Fifths, Riding, Doubling.

Also stacked strum guitar with VA guitar, with Melancholy, Straight 4.


Now designing Anthem Chorus Beats.

Added Superior drums for a live drum , less EDM stuff. Loaded preset > Toontrack > Transformer pitbull

Bounce to rough_bounce

Unload to rough_unload


stage 2:

Final chorus design, and verse design.

All guitar recordings require a good X-noise .. after learning, or else there’s a static noise on earphones.

Fender rear record (1 click before end) sounds more like a baritone for wild west cowboy stuff.

The e-guitar strum in the song sounds super good with Amplitube 3 – 30 trem & amb, but I do a LOFI cut with EQ and Grungeliser.

While playing, i play with the fender bend stick!

Flute add Roomworks reverb Surr. Drama Hall.

Bass Trillian : hardcore funk sustain + roomworks, plate vintage

bounce to stage2_bounce

unload to stage2_unload



Deisng beats and structure:

1. Kick adding.. need to low-pass everything so Kick can be heard during designing. Using Nexus Xp Drums singles  – Dr Progressive Kicks 7

2. Chris Heim Harmonica takes about 2 minutes to load.

3. Reverse a nice Stylus Ride high pitch, then Eq to raise the High frequency, finally add Modulation > Phaser effect for futuristic sound, default setting reduce mix to suitable. (in case you are looking for it, Nexus > XP Singles > DR Reverse Crash has one)

stopped at bar 67.


Maybe time to consolidate all sound fx from all edm songs! The 20 girls has an effect i wanted in this one!


at bar 56, gun shot scene could be the james bond thing


story for song:

even gun sound was handpicked, from modern and old movie sound effects.

bounce to stage3_bounce. (after bouncing, remember to check each channel effects, and export channel settings to ‘channelsettings’ folder.)

unload to stage3_unload.




stage 4:

Gonna design a riser/swell: risers and swells [there’s also a nice cheesy riser pack, http://www.biomedigital.co.uk/club-risers.html ]

But that would be stage4, it’s easy just use Omnisphere, roadrunner, turn off churchbells, and switch source A material – computer out of resources. Want more control? See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUuOyFJwR5A


change that fill sound at bar 66.5 [to copy from 20 girls]

using omnisphere club hit and bandpass noise hit for first dance chorus fills.

1st dance chorus snare, adjust atk to the right so it has a slight delay on start for a sticky feeling

final fill? and eagle sound?

bounce to stage4_bounce.

unload to stage4_unloaded


stage 5:

adding details tambourines into final chorus – add a StereoDelay Rhythm Enhancer to it, for a shuffling effect – making tambourines behave like shaker.

adding detail percussion into final chorus to portray the 3 HIT style.

stack the live drums with another set..

bounce to stage5_bounce



guitar based EDM? story of the song is a fight from old times, to modern times to future and back .. why keep fighting?



lyrics! and changing the melody.


when recording remember to set microbook ii cuemix line to mono 1.


maybe later..

Add subtle white noise ?

fix bottom:

The less detailed your low-end is, the better

The low-end is the hardest part to mix. Some people don’t realize that and crowd a lot of stuff down there.


You know what that means, right kids? Keep It Super Simple.

Above the 200Hz range you can be a little less careful, but anything below that is going to cause issues when it overlaps too much. Don’t get stuck in the muddiness.



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Song for 張智成

So I decided to start writing the song for him today.

It starts with something sweet and touching: 男孩女孩

Then it would become a song with style and groove and dance!

So I started with 106 bpm, and strummed on the guitar.

Input the beats in Cubase, added my chords, and vocal rift and started from there. This will be a song that goes with feeling .. no theory.


Electric guitar.. use clean e-guitar from kontakt and try with amp 3 first .. get the right sound before playing on real guitar.. faster!!!!!!!


bass glide/slide/modulation: use omnisphere to load trillian bass, so you can adjust BEND UP and DOWN, and it’s usually 12 notes for a nice one.

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