Song: Hero Color

Stage 2:

Building the percussions and FX.

Rise Rising Sweep 1:

  • Using Omni road runner, turned off Churchbells, and replaced A instrument with White noise, then automated cubase EQ sweep HP.
  • Some kick and snare (sidestick)
  • bounced to rough_stage2_bounce


Stage 3:

  • Building another set of kick and snare chorus use.
  • Building hi-speed hihat for R&B style repeats.
    •  Nexus > Arp > play with settings
    • Speed 1/64 or 1/64T
    • Adjust ‘gate’ for length of each repeats
    • And you can select the notes.
  • Sweeps: Omni Danish noiz and White avalanche hit
  • Downlifter Sweep Hit: Omni (Falling modular laser) replace sound with ‘Anguished Cries’ – can use any sound
  • Found a dark hit: Just a friendly reminder in Omni
  • Bounce
  • Unload



Stage 4:

  • Creating the instruments to use the above beats
  • Creating instrument also means we can perform live in the future!
  • Snare, Kick, sidestick, crash1, crash2, hihats, rises, uplifter, downlifter, hit


Stage 5:

  • Consider adding Hello cover effects and sounds.
  • Arrangement upgrade
  • sound effect list find: nexus – drum singles – dr fx 5 – underwater sonar c4
  • sound effect list find: nexus – drum singles – dr fx 6 – heartbeat, lightning, gunshot for cowboy song


Stage 6:

  • Upgrade main drums
  • Added
  • Done.
  • Bounce Addictive drums multi:
    • Turn on all channel outputs on Add Drums from Instruments window list.
    • Output every instrument on the ADD drums interface .. down arrow icon.
    • Bounce and select multiple channel export and select all of them, input PREtitle.


Stage 7:

  • Simple mix and noises


Stage 8 : vocals

  • Recorded, mixed, eqed.
  • recording CHINESE version later, use this project
  • Read and research: rihanna vocal mix  http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb07/articles/insidetrack_0207.htm
  • Used Monodelay FX channel, and Ronin Damage on the exported vocal track for our DELAY track



Stage 7: Add inspiration PADs? Panning instruments?



  • Front part, too many empty dead space .. need pad, white noise or  surrounding ambience.
  • Mix bring out high pass .. for all instruments except drums  and vocals a lil.


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