Re-mixing (MIX) the Candlelight kala for performance this weekend in Taiwan

Alright! Testing out the new Adam A7X and re-mixing my MMO for the song for use this weekend.

  1. Bringing up the intro trkFusion Piano EQ at Cubase: eq4, 13.2, 5006.0 hz, 7.0 highshelf
  2. Highpassing trkPad2: eq1, -24.0, 87.0hz, lowshelf 7.0, eq2, -4.0, 204.0hz, 0.2
  3. Highpassing trkOmniPadBrokenContainment: eq1, -24.0, 158.0hz, lowshelf 7.0, eq2, -11.0, 222.0hz, 0.2
  4. highpassing trkOmniPadStackOdeEternal: eq1, -24.0, 82.0hz, 7.0
  5. Highpass trkHalionTeknoKit: Add plugin, Q2 Stereo, 1 Type Hipass, Gain 13.9, Freq 150, Q 7, 2 Type Hi Shelf, Gain 13.1, Freq 3748, Q 7.0
  6. Automated trkPrologueWhiteNoiseRise, eq1 and eq4 for a TRAIN sweep effect.. (see kala project)
  7. EQ the snare to chorus.
  8. Hipass remove low EQ for trkNexusBassSlapped: eq1, -24.0, 39.0hz, 7.0, eq2, -5.4, 78.0hz, 0.2
  9. Added trkStylusStick to Chorus part 1!! front part. .. new track name chorustrkStylusStick
  10. Added more Hipass to chorus trkNexusEpicSaw using Q2 Stereo. 1 type hipass, -1.5 gain,  437 freq, Q 7.0
  11. Improved rise bridge… trkNexusRiseSnare, add Q2 Stereo, 2 type Hi shelf, gain 13.3, 13071 freq, Q 7.0
  12. Hipass rise bridge, trkNexusRiseKick, eq1 -24.0, 59.hz, low shelf 7.0, eq2 -6.2, 108.hz, 0.2


The latest, rough_stage6_remix_2015, is a total remix that did not use the above stuffs, can consider adding the above later into this file.. after A/B testing

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How to add the Welcome/Release part like Demo?

Hi again,

Can you give me the hmtl code for this section (on home page):

Welcome on live/Last Realease/From the Store ?

Regards David



In the demo, I use a widget area to display this part. First create a widget area in the sidebar manager (choose the widgetarea options)

Use the text widget, last release and last store item widgets.

Paste your widget area shortcode in the “top holder” field (page options box), below your page text editor.

You can find more info about the widget areas in the doc.

I hope it will help.

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