How to get VST / Midi instruments from old games?

That sounds like a good way to get a good quality rip of the music, but maybe you misunderstood what I meant.. or I didn’t explain it good enough. I don’t want to rip the music from the genesis games, I want the music’s individual instrument samples from its source. I want them so I could map them to a midi controller in a sequencer to make my own music/songs with the same sounds that the game has. I’m sure there are emulators of the soundcard from the genesis, but it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to re-create how each sample sounds. I guess this wouldn’t really be “ripping” then would it? More like looking for the code that tells the soundcard to do a specific modulation to one of the cards instruments.

Yes there is. If you have a VGM file, you can use VGM2OPM to get an OPM of the file, which you can import inside the VOPM VSTi.



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How to fix boxes when displaying Chinese language in VLC?

I was having the same problem, but after much searching, I found some things that helped solve it for me:

First, I think the reason your .srt file is garbled is because it isn’t encoded right. On the advice of another forum, I downloaded the trial version of NJStar, http://www.njstar.com/cms/ (incidentally, this program can also do Japanese & Korean.) Use this program (it’s Universal Code Converter) to convert your .srt file to UTF8 — it will create a new file in a separate folder (easy to find), with the same name as your original. Now when you open the *new* file in Notepad, you should see the Chinese characters.

Next, you need to set up VLC: Go to preferences, and in Subtitles/OSD, change Default Encoding to UTF-8. Set the preferences to “show all,” and then go into Video – Subtitles / OSD and change “text rendering mode” from “default” to “Freetype2 font renderer.” Now, expand the Subtitles/OSD menu and go down to “Text Rendering.” Choose a Unicode font to display. (You may have to type out the file path for the font; I wasn’t able to browse for it anyway. Of course, you’ll want to choose a font with Chinese characters. I chose SimHei — C:\Windows\Fonts\simhei.ttf).

Finally, save preferences, and restart VLC. When you begin your movie, simply choose the .srt file NJStar made for you via the Video menu, Subtitles track, Open file.

Worked for me, hope it works for you too.

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How to save a transparent frame in After effects?

In AE, composition > Save frame as.. > File

it will add an item to the Render Queue, set to export a still image file. Choose PSD.

(You can choose from a number of still image formats, including PSD, PNG, TIFF, etc. Note that in these cases the alpha channel will be available to Photoshop, but not applied directly as transparency.)

Then you just need to select the alpha channel in the Channels panel in Photoshop, and create a layer mask from the alpha.

To do so.. Ctrl-Click on the Alpha Channel, and then make sure the layer you want the mask on is highlighted, and go to “Layer-Layer Mask” and then you’ll have options for “hide selection” and “reveal selection.”

Of you can click the “New Layer Mask” icon in the layers palette instead of using the “Layer-Layer Mask” menu item.

(Also, it’s very important that in the Render Queue you set the Alpha Channel type as Straght/Unmatted, since that’s what PS handles better. But may cause graphic glitches too, so try both.)

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How to wiggle in After effects?

https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/227/6151 (how to wiggle on 1 axis only)


Type wiggle(2,50). This expression states that twice a second the text should wiggle 50 pixels on the x & y axis – the first number is how many times a second, the 2nd is the amount of pixel movement.


more info:


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Song: 再見 Remix

Here we go, song BPM 80

Key: Em

Stage 1:

Bouncing all the different usable vocals.


Stage 2:

Creting new project, setting up new tempo to 128bpm.

Getting kick sound.

Now adding Massive chorus rift.

Playing with bass: Trillian Fender full range + slide down + slide up

Added white noise hit: omnisphere bandpass noise hit, eq highend.

3rd hit OOOM:

  1. Mod wheel a SINE (say tr arp 2600, with bend 20 – 20) , in Omni, can also have a buildup risiing sub sweep.


Added rides for more high frequency.

Stacked a Nexus > Texture > White noise > with HP cut.


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