Song: 至少我還有你

Rough Stage 1:

  • Base line in piano
  • Piano verse and chorus
  • Skip guitar in verse .. to keep music suspense


Rough Stage 2:

  • Build percussion
  • Bouncing to rough_stage2_bounce
  • Unload to rough_stage2_unload


Stage 3

  • Continue building percussions
  • Bounce to rough_stage3_bounce


Stage 4

  • Complete C part and short skeleton
  • Completed short skeleton
  • Added bass
  • Added Chorus E guitar, played with acc guitar, added amp3 to sound electronic, had to do a pitch shift +12 semitones to get that sound
    • Played 2 different styles, 1 time random mutes
    • The other time a flying every click 1/8 play.
  • Need a pad!
    • found 8 pads
  • Discovered discovery Omni: Type, Epic Synths , Flaming Supersaws, Loud Raving Lunatic are great dance synths
  • Discovered discovery dream searching soft (high, modwheel )  bery nice to play on piano.
  • Bouncing to rough_stage4_bounce
    • As we have many pads.
    • CONTINUE AT shining voices (mid, high)


Stage 5:

  • Add snaps to bridge clap
  • Add vocal type pad, like ending of a the hymn song


Todo:slice a breakbeat loop

A lot of offbeat beats, and resources, so gotta continue building and bouncing percussions.

It’s ok for the beats to go slightly off during this stage, because later once confirmed, we will be creating an accurate instrument


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