Best practice for parsing HTML in PHP? Use DOM




function cfriend_get_href_links($html) {

// Create a new DOM Document to hold our webpage structure
$xml = new DOMDocument();

// Load the url’s contents into the DOM

// Empty array to hold all links to return
$links = array();

//Loop through each <a> tag in the dom and add it to the link array
foreach($xml->getElementsByTagName(‘a’) as $link) {
$links[] = array(‘url’ => $link->getAttribute(‘href’), ‘text’ => $link->nodeValue);

//Return the links
return $links;

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Best practice mysql NULL or not ?




I Personally use NULL for more powerful results..


By using NULL you can distinguish between “put no data” and “put empty data”.

Some more differences:

A LENGTH of NULL is NULL, a LENGTH of an empty string is 0.

NULLs are sorted before the empty strings.

COUNT(message) will count empty strings but not NULLs

You can search for an empty string using a bound variable but not for a NULL. This query:

FROM mytable
WHERE mytext = ?
will never match a NULL in mytext, whatever value you pass from the client. To match NULLs, you’ll have to use other query:

FROM mytable

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How to store and deal with Mysql currency money value data?

Since money needs an exact representation don’t use data types that are only approximate like float. You can use a fixed-point numeric data type for that like

15 is the precision (total length of value including decimal places)
2 is the number of digits after decimal point
See MySQL Numeric Types:

These types are used when it is important to preserve exact precision, for example with monetary data.


I personally use numeric(19,4) for financial records that gives you a better hand to play and adopt new requests easily.

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